Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Apple Picking 2.0

Happy Wednesday Readers! I hope your hump day is going well so far!

This week has been a strange one with the cold weather and some very strange things happening, but so far it has been a pretty good week! 

Today I wanted to recap our visit to the apple orchard this past Sunday with you all! If you remember from last week, I suggest this as a Fun Fall Activity! And I guess technically, I killed two birds with one stone since the orchard is also a Cider Mill.  

My friends and I have created a few fun traditions for ourselves, and last year we added Apple Picking to the list and I am glad we decided to repeat this tradition again this year.  This year we again went to Westview Orchards to pick our apples.  I really like this orchard because I feel they are very organized, have a ton of fun options, and are fairly reasonably priced. 

For example, a lot of orchards charge by the pound while Westview charges per bag.  We paid $19 for a peck of apples (roughly 40-50 depending on size) and that bag allows 2-3 people to go into the orchard to pick apples.

Altogether, we had 3 pecks between the whole group and we easily walked away with 175+ apples.

Another thing I really like about Westview Orchards is the fact that they encourage you to try the apples before you bag them.  Because each person has a different preference for apples, it can be difficult to pick them without knowing exactly what you are getting.  I think before I left the orchard, I ended up eating a total of five apples because they were so crisp and juicy.

After the orchard, we all went back to Justin and I's apartment to have dinner and play games together.  I can honestly say that I have not laughed that hard in a long time.  Such a fun and wonderful evening with my friends.  

Here's to many more years of fun apple picking traditions!

Question of the Day: Have you ever picked your own fruit? If so, which is your favorite to pick?

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