Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Craft: Gold Trimmed Mug

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with exciting or relaxing things.  This past weekend was filled with some fun and exciting events!

First things first: Christmas is ONE MONTH from today! I am so excited!

One of the fun things I did this weekend included reconnecting with an old friend and making a Christmas craft and I'm going to share the tutorial with you all today!

Original Tutorial from Garland of Grace Blog
I was so excited because my friend Mary-Keith reached out to me about a month ago asking about my blog because she came across my blog on Bloglovin'.  Mary and I actually went to high school together and have kept in touch for the last 7 years since we graduated.  It was so great to catch up with her and make a fun craft together - and let me tell you, the craft is rather simple and would make a perfect gift idea for friends/coworkers.

  What You Need:

Step One: 

Use your painters tape to layout your design that you chose for the mug.  I originally was going to do a candy cane stripe on my mug, but I could not get it to space the way I wanted, so I turned it into a "dipped" look for the handle and the bottom of the mug.  

Step Two: 
Once all of your items are taped and ready to go, lay out some newspaper and prep your items for painting.  I would recommend doing this step outside because the fumes from the paint can be very strong. 

Shake your spray paint well before use then begin spraying the non-taped portions of your mugs.  It is advised that you hold the can about 12-15" away from your item and spray the paint in bursts instead of one consistent stream.  Mary and I did not follow the 12-15" rule and it create some drips on the cups.  It takes a little bit longer, but it is worth the even consistency on your mug.  Let your spray paint sit for two minutes.  

Step Three: 
Spray your mug with the clear coat spray paint - this process is similar to the gold paint, but you do not have to worry as much about the consistency of the coverage.  Let your mug sit for eight minutes.

Step Four: 
Once your mug has set for eight minutes, begin removing the tape from your mug.  If you wait too long, the paint could begin seeping underneath the tape and create streaks.  

Step Five: 
This process is only necessary if your have streaking on your mug or have spots that you went out of the line.  Because it was windy, some of the paint got on areas that we had not intending - if you act quickly you can use a Q-Tip to get the streaking off of the mug.  I used the Q-Tip to straighten some of my lines up which gave it a cleaner and more fresh feel.

Once you've done that, let your mug sit for another twenty minutes or so and then you're ready to use the mug or give it away as a gift!

You should check out the designs that Mary made on her mugs on her post - plus her adorable plate that she made! 

Question of the Day: What holiday craft do you look the most forward to making? 

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  1. yay! Looks So good! Saturday was SO great! we have to make this a regular thing!


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