Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Highs and Lows #1

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first ever Weekend Highs and Lows! I am so excited to be starting this weekly linky party with everyone and hope you all enjoy participating.  If you want more information about the party, please check out this post

Saturday was a fun day! I got my hair done in the morning, went shopping almost all day with Christina, had dinner with Justin, then went out Salsa dancing with the girls.  It was such a fun day and exactly what I needed!

Sunday I was supposed to go to the water park with the girls but I ended up having severe stomach pain and a massive headache, so I stayed home and relaxed.  I think Frye knew that I was not feeling too well because he was the snuggle master on Sunday morning.  Let me tell you, that cat does not know the definition of personal space.  I swear if he could get inside of you, he would.

I had a migraine pretty much all weekend.  Friday night was awful.  I ended up going to bed around 9:30 because I was so dizzy I could not walk straight or see straight.  Even with a 13 hour snooze, I still was groggy Saturday morning but managed to push myself until late that night...buttttt I paid for that on Sunday with a headache and stomach ache.  Sometimes I wish my body could figure itself out.

On a related note, what things do you all do to help with migraines/headaches? I tend to shy away from pain killers as they are really rough on my system.  I am totally open to any non-medicinal suggestions you all may have.

I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for joining! I cannot wait to read all of your awesome Highs and Lows!
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