Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #3

Happy Thursday Friends! 

I am super excited because I am linking up with Running with Spoons and some other fellow bloggers for the Thinking Out Thursdays Linky Party.

What it is…
A weekly celebration of quirks and randomness! An opportunity to take the pressure and stress out of writing by sharing whatever it is that happens to pop into your mind when you begin to type — all worries about sense and structure pushed aside. A collection of random and disjointed thoughts, just because.

1.  Lately I have been noticing a TON of negativity in my life.  I have also be noticing that that negativity is starting to make me a little crazy.  Over the past few weeks, I have been working to eliminate that negativity and it has been interesting.  In eliminating the negativity, I have had to reset my thinking on things.  Overall, it has been a great learning lesson. #eliminatethenegative

2. Okay, this is something that I have ALWAYS pondered {or at least as long as I can remember}. Who looked at a lobster and thought, "I should eat that".  Like, it has a hard shell, spikey looking things, beady eyes and multiple legs.  I mean, look at that thing! Imagine seeing that for the first time.... would you think that it looks delicious? #whocomesupwiththesethings?

3.  Do you ever feel like you have some good weeks and some bad weeks? Well this is what I would consider to be a good week.  Our laundry is actually done {even after all the griping I did on Monday}, the kitchen is clean, our house is picked up, I reorganized my side of the closet and my to do list is almost 100% done.  It is crazy how motivated I am right now.  If only I could be "on point" every week.  What are some of your tips for keeping your game straight? #howlongwillthislast? #theforthasmagicpowers

4.  Do any of you own air plants? Or if you want to get technical: Tillandsia.  I came across them a while ago and they just looked so neat.  Personally, I have a black thumb.  Like, I could look at a plant and kill it.  Thankfully, I have been able to keep the plant from my grandma's funeral living since December, but I have to give at least 50% credit for the survival of the plant to Justin.  I think he waters it as much as I do.  Anyway, sorry for the divergence.  I have been eyeing an air plant for a while because they are easy to maintain - I mean, they literally just need air for survival! I'm thinking about buying this one from Amazon, but I am not quite sold yet.  Maybe I will ask for it for our anniversary or Christmas.  #icantkillthisright?

5.  Friends.... I broke a toe.  Like my toe is completely crooked.  Sounds wonderful right? I was rushing around getting ready for company and I accidentally kicked the humidified.  Wellllll the fourth toe on my left foot is broken and pretty angry.  The podiatrist says I can still run if it does not hurt... It does.  So right now I am just walking all of my miles until the poor little thing can heal.  Wish me luck! #Imsuchaclutz #whatintheworld?

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  1. Apparently lobster used to be eaten by the poorer people way back when. I forget when it transitioned into an expensive food.

    My husband often wonders about exactly that sort of stuff (and loves lobster), which is how I know that but can't remember the whole story.

    Sorry about your toe! Ouch! I have kicked random things (like weights) at times but never actually broken anything. Yet, anyway. I've done all sorts of dumb stuff.

    1. Sounds like your husband and I would be good friends - curious minds and all :) And we could be clumsy together haha

  2. This is a fun idea! I like all the ideas you shared. Sorry about your toe. I know that hurts!!!!

    1. Hi Rach! I link up with Running with Spoons and love that the post is centered around being completely random - which works perfectly with my disorganized brain.

  3. Great post topic/idea. I should do the number 1 stuff you listed here too!

    1. Getting negativity out of my life is not always super easy, but definitely something that is necessary.


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