Friday, November 13, 2015

Uruguay Days 5 & 6

Happy Friday Friends! I hope your week went well and you are looking forward to some fun events this upcoming weekend! 

Today I am sharing the third of five posts from my Uruguay trip! I was hoping to be able to do this in three posts, but there is just too much to share with everyone!

Day 5

Days 5 & 6 were filled with some of the most incredible views I have ever had the opportunity to witness, and honestly, the pictures do not even begin to do the falls justice.

Tuesday started with us all getting up early and hopping in to a cab to the airport.  I was very excited when we start boarding our plane because I had never boarded a plane from the tarmac before! It really is not all the exciting but it was neat to do something for the first time.

Once we got to Iguazu, we crammed all five of us into a cab with the cabbie.  To say it was a bit cramped was an understatement.  We had a good time of it though! Our drive to the hotel was very bumpy - but not in the bumpy you would think.  I swear every twenty feet they had a speed bump... it got old very fast.  

After checking into the hotel and dropping off our stuff, we made our way down to one of the paths to get to the waterfalls.  Of course, on our way there, we stopped to put some bug spray on and any other sprays we needed.  For being in the forest, there really were not as many bugs as I assumed there would be present.  Thank you Lord! I hate being surrounded by bugs.

We spent the next several hours walking around and checking out the falls.  To say that they are beautiful really does not begin to describe them.  According to one of the tour guides about one millions gallons of water go through the falls in a minute.  Can you believe that? I wonder if they have ever considered trying to use that power for electricity.  I will have to do some research.

After touring the lower falls, we ran back to the hotel room to grab Papa Jones.  He did not go with us to tour the lower falls because he was really not feeling well.  So while we did the lower tour, he took a nap then joined us for Devil's Throat.  

For Devil's Throat, you have to ride a train to this area and then walk {for what feels like forever} to get to the top of the falls.  Again, the pictures do not begin to do this justice.  One thing I noticed while we were there was the butterflies that we saw everywhere.  There must have been thousands of them and they were all so beautiful!

At Devil's Throat, we just enjoyed the sound of the rushing water and marveled in the beauty.  It is really neat to get that close to the top of the waterfall.  Honestly, my biggest question is where in the world all of the comes from.  When we were walking to Devil's Throat, we walked over what felt like a mile of water to get to the top.  I was fascinated to see the number of birds, turtles and other animals hanging around the water as if it was not a big deal.  Oh - and it was also crazy to see the old walking paths that had collapsed under the pressure of the water.  Thankfully we did not have any issues with our pathway.  

On our way back to the hotel, we had to take the same train.  While we were waiting, Christina decided that she would try to pick up a butterfly.  I think she was successful haha! She ended up with two butterflies - one on each hand.  It was cool to see them sitting there just checking out her hand.  The evening ended with us having dinner at the hotel and going to bed. 

Day 6

The next day we woke up and made our way to the upper path of the falls.  I am so glad that we did this path as well because it had some of the more panoramic shots of the falls.  Unfortunately, my camera died at this point so I only grabbed a few pictures of this part. 

The weather was a bit more lovely this day, so we really were able to see the falls in the distance.  Actually on this part of the tour I ended up sunburning my neck and shoulders and had some rather hilarious tan lines.  It felt so good to get some sun on my skin {even if I was red} and enjoy the outdoors.

In the afternoon, we made our way back to Buenos Aires.  We stayed at the same hotel as last time and made sure to take advantage of the pool while were were here - especially since it had a bunch of water massage things built right into the pool.  Sarah, Christina and I took some time to do some shopping while we were in Buenos Aires and I am glad that we did.  I ended up purchasing a few scarves.  One of them had butterflies on it, so it was a perfect representation of our time in Iguazu.

After shopping, we enjoyed some time at the pool before getting ready to head out for the evening.  Unfortunately by this point I had started to get burned out, so I ended up just going to dinner and not going out dancing.  Honestly, it worked perfectly because I was able to FaceTime with Justin and talk to him for a while.  Plus, that was the day of our anniversary so it was nice to "spend some time" with him.

Okay! That is all for days 5 & 6 and I really abbreviated those days.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite souvenir from your travels?

I'd love to hear from you!

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