Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: How to Win My Heart

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope all is well and you are having a great day so far! Today I am teaming up with Andrea for another fun round of Show and Tell Tuesdays.  

For this Show and Tell Tuesday, in honor of Valentine's Day, we are talking about the way to when my heart.  I ended up skipping the last show and tell because it was focused on being a mom and I am not a momma yet! Someday, but not today. 

How to Win My Heart <3

When it comes to making me swoon, it really does not take much.  It's simple really, a nice bouquet of flowers and a sappy greeting card.

For as long as I can remember, Justin has always been good at getting me flowers and giving them to me at the most random times.  When we first started dating I would find random bouquets of flowers in my locker alongside a box of Poptarts {I used to really love Poptarts}.  The simplicity of a beautiful bouquet is something that I appreciate and it is a gift that will smell wonderful and bring a smile to my face any time I walk by the flowers.

The other gift that always makes me happy is a greeting card.  Nowadays people are buying greeting cards less and less so when I get a nice and thoughtful card from Justin, it makes my heart swell.  Growing up my gramma was always good about sending cards for each.and.every occasion so for me the greeting card is a sign of thoughtful care and love.  Which is why I really appreciate a well thought out card {even the super sappy ones}.

If cards and a flowers are not something available, I always appreciate someone taking time to just be with me.  This applies to non-romantic relationships and romantic relationships.  It brings me so much joy when someone takes the time to just listen to me and see how I am doing.  It shows that they really care and value me as a person.  

Well that is all for today's post! 

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Question of the Day: How can someone win your heart?

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