Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy Thursday Friends! I hope your week is going going wonderfully and you are getting excited for whatever fun things you have planned this weekend! 

If you haven't already started thing about it, Mother's Day is just over one month away! Can you believe how quickly this year has been flying by? I have already started brainstorming what we will be doing for our moms this year - maybe even another fun brunch like last year!  I figured since I was brainstorming, I should share in my research with my readers.  I hope you get some inspiration for your mom for Mother's Day this year!


1. Chocolate Mint Scented Soy Candle || Aftcra || $19.50

If your mom is a candle lover, then this is a great candle for her to try.  If you do not think your mom would enjoy this particular scent, check out Brooklyn Firefly's page for other scent options - they have all kinds of scents to choose from.

 2. Sore Muscle Flaxseed Pillow || Aftcra || $16.00

This pillow is perfect for the hard working woman in your life.  The pillow can be kept warm or cold and be used to help relieve any muscle pain.  The pillow is also infused with calming essential oils so it will help relax mom as she uses the pillow.

3. Love Begins at Home Embroidery Art || Aftcra || $38.00

This artwork is perfect for the artistic woman in your life.  Artwork adds character to any home, and your mom will enjoy looking at this artwork and think of you every time she sees it.  If this quote is not your cup of tea, check out more designs from Thistle and Thread Design.

4. Love You Mom Coloring Book || Amazon || $7.99

This gift is good for the artist mother.  With coloring books gaining popularity, your mom will enjoy having a book for herself that reminds her how much you love her.  You could even provide her with some nice colored pencils so she can start coloring right away.

5. Black and White Concrete Planter - Cement Pot || Aftcra || $25.00

 This small planter is perfect for the green thumb momma.  At 2.5" tall, this planter is perfect for smaller plants that require little water (like succulents) and is good for both indoor and outdoor use.  For other neat concrete items you can give to mom, check out Badseed Studio.

 6. Mother's Necklace - Personalization Available || Aftcra || $48.99

This gift is perfect for the mom who loves jewelry.  This necklace can be customized to have charms for each family member and the stone can be customized to match the birth stone of your mom.  If your mom is more into simpler jewelry, this necklace can be engraved with significant dates or information instead of names. The customization options are vast.

7. Wine Bottle and Glass Holder || Aftcra || $20.99

Perfect for the wine connoisseur in your life, this bottle and glass holder is a great gift idea. The holder can hold four wine glasses and one bottle of wine, so it is perfect for a party or a fancy dinner.  Plus, it will look elegant in mom's kitchen.

8. Cherry Blossom Mugs || Starbucks || $10.95
{price is for mug and saucer}

Aren't these mugs beautiful? These would make a perfect gift for the coffee/tea lover mom.  Not only are they beautiful to look at, they also add elegance to any coffee cup collection your mom could have.  Your mom doesn't drink coffee? No problem, just get her the tumbler and she can enjoy any cold beverage of her choice in style.

9. Element Street Straw Straw Blair || Kate Spade || $278.00 

This gift is a little bit pricier, but if your mom loves purses, this one would be perfect to add to her collection.  This is a good sized tote that would be great to have as she is out shopping with you or her friends.  

10. Personalized Recipe Cutting Board || Etsy || $19.00 

This beautiful cutting board from Eugenie2 is a great idea for the mom who loves to cook.  What a great way to put a smile on mom's face every time she is cooking a new recipe.  


I hope you gained some inspiration for gifts for the wonderful mother in your life! If you have any other ideas that you think would be great, please let me know in the comments and I would be happy to share them in this post!

Question of the day: Do you buy or make your mom's Mother's Day gifts?

I'd love to hear from you!

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