Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Show and Tell: My Talk Show

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope all is well and you are having a great day so far! Today I am teaming up with Andrea for another fun round of Show and Tell Tuesdays.  

My Dream Talk Show


This is something that I honestly have never given too much though to until this post came up! I have always loved shows like Oprah and The Ellen Show, but never thought about what I would discuss if I was given the opportunity.

I think if I had the choice to talk about anything on my show, it would have to be a wide variety of topics (kind of like my blog).  I always loved that Oprah talked about all things love, life, health and happiness and it would be wonderful to discuss all of these things with a wonderful audience.

From an Ellen perspective, I love that she takes time to interview the "little guy" as well as famous people.  It makes me happy that she takes suggestions from viewers for people to have on her show and she actually has them on their show.  For me, this is a great way to give back to people in a bigger way than just talking to them.

For my show, I would also have humongous dance parties and huge giveaways like both Oprah and Ellen.  I always loved when Oprah gave away gifts to people and seeing how unbelievably happy they are to receive any gifts.  Oprah knew how to be so giving with her wealth and it was always wonderful to witness that.

I also think that Ellen has the right idea with her dance parties.  I have always loved to dance and would love to have daily dance parties at work.  Where I work is very political, so everyone is a little more uptight about joking around.  If I had my own talk show, I would want it to be a fun place to work and to be.  Ellen's show looks like it would be so much fun to work on!

If I could interview any person, I would have to say I would interview Thích Nhất Hạnh.  I have read several of his books and just love his writing and his teachings.  They are very informative and have helped me out a ton over the past few years.  


Well that is all for today's post!

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Question of the Day: What would your Talk Show be like?

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  1. My mom and I got to see Oprah when she was here, I think last year or the year before! Tix were crazy expensive but a blogger friend of mine had done a post for them, and wasn't able to use her tix, so we lucked out :). Very fun day.

    1. That is SO cool! I would have loved to see Oprah in person!


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