Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Highs & Lows #32

Hello everyone!I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with fun and exciting adventures  If you want more information about the party, please check out this post.


This weekend was busy and fun all at the same time! On Friday night, a bunch of our friends came over to hang out and celebrate my birthday.  We had planned to just hang out, eat good food, drink and play games and that is exactly what we did!

For the first half of the evening, we spent time playing Mario Kart! I am so glad that Justin and I invested in a Wii U.  That was the best money we have spent in a long time! I love that we can play games with several people and everyone has a great time.

After Mario Kart, we all ate pizza (because it is imperative to eat pizza on National Pizza Party day!). After pizze, we played a fun round of Cards Agains Humanity.  IF you have never played Cards Against Humanity before and are not easily offended, I would highly suggest it! It is a lot like Apples to Apples, but for Adults.  

Check it out here:

cards against humanity

On Saturday we slept in because a few people did not leave until 2:00 a.m.  Saturday morning/afternoon we spent lounging around the apartment then around 3:00 we headed out to my cousin's first communion.  He was so cute dressed up wit his little bow tie.  I am sad that I did not grab a cute picture of him.  

On Sunday, my cousin and her husband had their baby baptized.  It was so fun seeing all of the little babies in their outfits and making all of the cute noises that babies tend to make.

After the baptism, we all went back to my aunt and uncles house for a mini celebration with tacos and cake.  

After celebrating Clara Mae, we went over to the house to check on any progress they had been making.  Since we supposed to be closing next week (ahhhhhhh) we have been going so often it feels like we already live there.  

Strangely while we were at the house, these women just walked right in.  Apparently they assumed it was an open house, but did not take the hint after Justin telling them four times that this was our house and was not open to the public.  He ended up sending them over to the model home so they could talk to the selling agent, but not without being extremely rude to Justin first. 


Really no major lows over here except not getting enough chores or packing done.  It looks like this week will be completely dedicated to packing up the apartment.

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