Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's Up Wednesday #10

Happy Wednesday Friends! Today I am linking up with Mix and Match FamilySheaffer Told Me To and The Larson Lingo for the What's Up Wednesday Post.  What's Up Wednesday occurs on the last Wednesday of every month and it is a fun list of questions getting ready for the upcoming month!

What We're Eating this Week

Ironically just like last month, I had sushi for dinner last night.  I went to Big Wave Sushi with Caroline and her sister, Kate.  I absolutely love Big Wave Sushi and look forward to going there every time I have plans to go.  Right now I won't be going for at least a month and I am a bit sad. 

What I'm Reminiscing About

We are getting ready to move and I have had all of these mixed feelings about leaving our apartment.  We have been here for over three and a half years and it is hard to think that we will not be living here any more.  We have made so many fun memories living here from Fort Sleepovers to Christmas parties and I will be sad to not make more of those types of memories there.  However, I also know that we have some fun and exciting memories to be made in our new house! 

What I'm Loving

I have been addicted to the song "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake and every time I am feeling a little stressed out of overwhelmed, I listen to the song to cheer myself up.  If you have not listened to it yet, pleeeeassseee check it out.  I promise you will feel better immediately. 

What We've Been Up To

The past few weeks have been filled with parties, family, friends and other fun and exciting events.  I am loving how much time I have been able to dedicate to things I enjoy versus things I just put up with.  Last week was spent going through everything we are going to need at the new house and started making lists.   

What I'm Dreading

Packing.  I hate packing.  That being said, I am happy to be able to have the time to go through all of our stuff and get rid of all of the things that we do not need anymore and can reduce, reuse and recycle.

What I'm Working On

On my trip out of town last weekend to SMASH, I came to the conclusion that I really need to start working on losing weight and dieting properly.  I have joined a few groups on Facebook and have been debating joining a DietBet (any suggestions for one?) so that I can get some motivation to get my butt in gear.  I would really like to lose 25 pounds in 3-4 months.  That's like 6 pounds a month which is pretty reasonable.  Anyone want to join me on this journey?

What I'm Looking Forward To

I am looking forward to being a homeowner! I am sure this was a bit obvious since it's all I've talked about (sorry) but I am super excited to be a homeowner and finally have the ability to decorate a place that is mine forever.  Obviously there will be a ton of stress that will come along with owning a home, but I am looking forward to having that stress!

What I'm Watching/Reading

Right now I am loving The Selection Series and have been working my way through the books!
I have finished reading The Selection and The Elite.  I just finished The One yesterday and I am hoping to get The Heir tonight when I meet up with my mom! If you have not read any of these books I would highly recommend checking them out.To check out my other favorite books, check them out on Goodreads

What I'm Listening To

I am still hooked on the Mumford & Sons radio station on Pandora and have been listening to it a lot lately.  It is so helpful for relaxing when I am having a stressful day.

What I'm Wearing

With the weather being all over the place lately, I have been wearing a lot of ankle pants and blazers.  Michigan is always super unpredictable when it comes to weather so I never have any idea what I should be wearing when I leave the house in the morning.  Thankfully this week has turned out to be beautiful and warm.  

What I'm Doing this Weekend

With the house closing next week (hopefully!!) we are going to pretty much be packing for most of the weekend with the exception of Monday where we will be celebrating birthdays for my mom and my cousin.  It will be nice to have a break from all of the chaos of packing and a little time to relax before the closing.  

Bonus: What are you looking forward to this summer?

I am looking forward to having a neighborhood where I can go for long walks and go for bike rides with friends.  It will be awesome to just enjoy the beautiful weather as much as possible!

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  1. Oh man - packing gives me anxiety. Sending you good vibes for an easy move.
    I want to read that series so badly but I know once I dig in, I'll be in it all the way through.
    I am so obsessed with JT's new song too - I can't hear it & NOT dance!


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