Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Highs & Lows #42

Hello everyone!I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with fun and exciting adventures  If you want more information about the party, please check out this post.

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This weekend was a bit chaotic for us, but we had a wonderful time! 



We finally had a break in the weather and it was perfect out on Sunday.

Saturday I went shopping with my mom and grabbed a few small things when I was out.  I've put myself on a strict budget for the next few months, but when I came across a  plaid shirt that was super soft and comfortable, I could not pass it up.

Saturday afternoon/evening I spent visiting with my best friend, Sarah.  Life has been so chaotic lately that we have not gotten to just sit down and talk.  Thankfully Saturday allowed us to just sit and talk for several hours - I mean like 4-5 hours.  It was great to just catch up and hear about all of her big plans coming up in a few months! I love how much she pushes herself and how much she works toward her dreams.


I think the only "low" was the fact that I didn't get to do my long run on Saturday.  We had some crazy weather that just made it impossible for us to go out and run.

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