Monday, March 20, 2017

25 Things to do this Spring

Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with fun and exciting things! This weekend was spent with friends and family and is exactly how I would have wanted to spend the weekend!

How many of you have seen Beauty and the Beast? What did you think? I am happy to report that I thought it was very good.  I won't say anything else, though, so I don't spoil anything.  

Today is the Spring Equinox which means we have officially hit Spring! So I thought for today's post I would share 25 fun things to do this Spring.  Most of these items are free or relatively cheap and can be done with people of all ages!

25 Things To Do This Spring 

  1. Splash in a Puddle // April showers bring May flowers, right? So why not put on your favorite rain boots and go splash in a puddle?
  2. Plant a Garden // Whether your garden is filled with flowers or vegetables, the Spring is the perfect time to start planting your garden.  Here's a great infographic you can use to get started on your garden.  
  3. Go Bird Watching // Warmer weather means the birds are out more.  Why not grab a pair of binoculars and go spot some birds? You can do this in your neighborhood or at your local park. 
  4. Decorate for Easter // Easter is on April 16th! Do you decorate around your house for Easter? If not, check out this cute Easter Centerpiece
  5. Make a Bird Feeder // The birds will be making their way back from the South, so why not give them a little snack on their journey? Pinterest has some good and easy ideas for making DIY Bird Feeders.  
  6. Spring Clean Your Home // Have you thought about what Spring cleaning will look like for you this year? I have not spent much time on it myself, but I know it is quickly around the corner. 
  7. Decorate Easter Eggs // This was my favorite thing to do when I was kid so I am planning to do this again this year.  I might try a different tactic than the traditional vinegar and dye.  We will see though!
  8. Fly a Kite // Grab your kite, head to the park and fly away! 
  9. Have a Rainy Day Movie Marathon // There is bound to be rain this Spring, so why not have a movie marathon? You could do a Harry Potter Marathon or you could do a Classic Disney Movie Marathon.  
  10. Have a Picnic // Wait for a nice day, grab a blanket for the grass, pack up your Picnic Thermal Tote and head out for a nice afternoon in the sun.  
  11. Visit a Botanical Garden // This is good for later in the Spring after the flowers have had a chance to bloom.  
  12. Go to a Baseball Game // Baseball season is right around the corner {Let's go Tigers!} so why not go to a game or two this Spring before it gets too hot out? If you're local to Michigan, why not try out one of the minor league games? 
  13. Go to the Zoo // The animals are going to start coming alive, so Spring is a good time to get out to the Zoo.  Plus, it will not be too hot. 
  14. Swing on the Swings // Who doesn't love a good swing on the swings? 
  15. Go to a Farmer's Market // If you love your fruit and vegetables fresh, then you should shop at a Farmer's Market.  Not sure where to shop? Check out - you can quickly find a list of local Farmer's Markets.
  16. Go to a Museum // Another great thing to do on a Rainy Day is go to a local museum.  You might be surprised what you see and learn while you are there.
  17. Play Miniature Golf // On a warmer day, head out to your local mini golf location and play some mini golf.  As it is in our household, loser buys ice cream.  
  18. Grill Outside // With the weather warming up, get outside and make your favorite grilled food! 
  19. Make Carrot Cake // With Easter right around the corner, why not make your favorite carrot cake? 
  20. Reuse or Upcycle in honor of Earth Day // Earth Day is April 22nd, what can you do to reuse or upcycle this year? I'd love to hear some creative ways to reuse some household items 
  21. Feed the Ducks // Next time you head out to the park, take some leftover bread or feed with you and feed the ducks.
  22. Celebrate Mom for Mother's Day // Mother's Day is May 14th this year.  What are you doing to do to celebrate your mom this year? 
  23. Go to a Local Craft Fair // Craft fairs are great to find gifts for loved ones or for yourself.  Check out this site for places you can attend craft fairs in your area.  
  24. Go for a Bike Ride // Grab your bike and your helmet and head out for a nice bike ride.  
  25. Bake Cupcakes // Who does not love cupcakes? Why not make some and decorate them for Spring? 

Question of the Day: What are your plans this Spring? 

I'd love to hear from you!

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