Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Stitch Fix Review #2

Today I wanted to share with you a little bit about Stitchfix! If you have not heard about them before, it's a personal style service for men and women that evolves with your tastes, needs and lifestyle.  You can choose to get boxes every month, every other month or whenever you want them to come. They send you a box of clothing or accessories for you to try on, then you can either buy the items or send them back.  The ones you keep, you pay for and the ones you don't keep send back you don't.  

This is my second box with StitchFix and I have to say I am thrilled with what they sent over this time! My first box was had more casual wear, while this one had a dress and some jewelry in it.  For this box, I asked my stylist to give me something casual as well as something I could wear on Easter Sunday.  Not only did they listen to my request for jeans with more stretch, they sent me a beautiful dress with a nice pair of earrings that I would wear for Easter.

Outfit #1: Jeans, Cardigan, Top & TOMS.  

I am so in love with this outfit! It is something I would (and plan to) wear for Spring and Summer.  StitchFix sent the top, cardigan and jeans and the red TOMS are my own.  If I want to dress this up a little bit, I would add some nice jewelry and dressier flats or heels.  But I am definitely planning to wear my TOMS with this outfit.

Outfit #2: Wrap Dress with Nude Shoes.  

This is the dress my stylist sent for Easter.  Is it not so cute? The cut was perfect and I loved the coral color.  The dress was also paired with a pair of beautiful gold earrings, but they just would no show up in the picture, so I left them out.  I will post more detail about those below.  The nude shoes pictured are also my own and you can find them at Payless {similar pair here}. 


Individual Item Breakdown

When it comes to jeans, I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit me right.  My stylist did a great job picking the right shape, fit, and length but these were just a little bit too tight.  For the price, I decided I would just send them back and wait and see what she comes up with next time I get a box.  
 Price: $88.00          Status: Sent Back

When I opened the box and saw this jacket, I was so thrilled.  I have been searching for a military jacket to wear during the Spring and Fall months.  Unfortunately, the jacket did not fit me the way I was hoping and had to send it back.  But I was in love with the red piping and the black and white striped lining.  I'm hoping I can find something similar to this soon!
 Price: $94.00          Status: Sent Back

I loved this sweater, but the color really did not work well for me.  If it had been more of a white versus the off white, it might have worked better, but it was just not great with my fair skin.  From a fit perspective, I loved how the sweater fit.  The cuff on the sleeve and waist made the shirt stay in place and it did not hug me in any places I did not want it to.  
Price: $68.00          Status: Sent Back

I am so sad these shoes were just a little bit too big.  Normally I would have done an exchange, but with them being just slightly too big, I assumed the next size down would have been too small.  And I was looking for something I could just slip on and go.  So I sadly sent these back.  
Price: $40.00          Status: Sent back

Unfortunately, the picture I took of the top turned out super blurry, which is ironic because this is the only item I kept out of all of the items they sent me! I did find a picture of the item so you all can see what I was sent, but I was sent this in a burgundy/wine color that is perfect since we are still in winter.  Next time I wear it, I will snag a picture and share it to Instagram or Twitter.  
Price: $58.00          Status: Sent back


So that is my first StitchFix box! I am super excited with everything she sent me and I cannot wait to get my second box later this month!

Thinking about getting a box of your own? Check out how you can get started here at the StitchFix website.  If you do decide to get a box, let me know! I'd love to see what your stylist sends you.

Question of the Day: If you could gt a box, what would you hope came in your box?
I'd love to hear from you!

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