Tuesday, January 9, 2018


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Happy Tuesday Friends!

Have you heard of 23andMe? If you have not, it's a simple process where you order a kit, collect your own saliva and mail it to a CLIA-certified lab where they break down your DNA into manageable, understandable information.  Seems rather simple, right?

I am excited to say that my wonderful husband purchased the Health + Ancestry Kit for me as a Christmas gift.  To be honest, out of all of the things I asked for this Christmas, this is the one item I was really hoping to receive.  Being adopted, I often wonder "who am I?".  Where do I come from? What is my ancestry? So by asking for and receiving this gift, I am able to answer a few of those questions {even at a superficial level}.

So what did I think about the initial process? I'll be honest, I did not mail out my tube until four days after Christmas.  In order to get the saliva sample, you have to have not had food or drink for at least thirty minutes.  And every time I remembered I wanted to mail it in, I had either eaten something or taken a drink.  So finally that day, I set a time for 30 minutes and made sure that I did not eat or drink during that time.

Spitting into the tube is rather simple {I mean, look at the pictures on the box - they explain it step-by-step with pictures}.  You just need to fill the tube until the line then close it up and package it up to mail.

Once I got the tube packaged up and ready to go, I walked the package out to the mail box and waited for it to be picked up.  I was a bit worried that my spit would freeze as Michigan is basically an ice cube and well below freezing, but the tube does have stabilizing solution to protect your saliva.

Within 24 hours of the tube being mailed, 23andMe, provided a status about my package through this nice status bar.  I appreciate that I can receive regular updates about the process and what I can expect throughout the process.

You can also take some of their many surveys which help them collect data about human nature and your habits.  I have been enjoying answering a few of their surveys and will likely take time to finish all of them between now and the time my results come back in the mail.

So the next step is for me to just wait! I am curious to see where I hail from and what health information they can give me based on my DNA.  I will be sure to share with everyone my results once they come back in the mail!

Want to check it out for yourself? 

Thinking about doing your Ancestry test too? Go to www.23andme.com and check out their DNA Genetic Test kit options! And if you decide to do one too, make sure to let me know! I'd love to hear about your experience too!

And check back in a little bit to see my results! I cannot wait to see where I "hail" from! 

I'd love to hear from you!

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